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Allie Saleh is gifted in captivating audiences with his high energy, fascinating stories, and contagious laugh that leads and inspires people to take the action steps needed to live successful lives!

Allie grew up with a father who said he loved him but at the same time was mentally and physically abusive. He was told daily that he would never amount to anything. Allie’s father wanted him to be a successful pharmacist, so Allie enrolled in pharmacy school to make his father happy. He later failed out. After years of living in hell, Allie learned HE could control his mindset and HE had control over his destiny, despite what his father said.

After a spiritual awakening, Allie was on a mission to do the opposite and discovered his natural giftedness in sales where he helped lead an insurance organization to an almost six million-dollar business in only six years. From sales to business coaching to growing franchises, Allie’s mentorship has lead many companies to multimillion-dollar businesses.

Once Allie discovered the six key areas of success in his life including mindset, spirituality, health, support system, financial freedom, and time freedom, he was unstoppable.


Now Allie Saleh is obsessed with other people’s success and feels it’s his calling in life to help other people succeed and live the life they were meant to live!


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